Penguins, Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point: Day Trip to Cape Town’s Cape Peninsula

Cape Point, Cape Town, Cape Peninsula: At Africa’s southern tip (almost) everything revolves around the Cape.

A visit to the Table Mountain National Park with its Cape Peninsula and Cape of Good Hope is an absolute must-do in Cape Town. The Cape Peninsula is also our first stop during our road trip along the Garden Route .

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Roadtrip in Western Australia: In 3 weeks from Perth to Exmouth

As soon as you get off the plane, you will notice: Australia smells different. Australia sounds different. The sky has a different blue colour. In addition, the western part of Australia has its own special charm. It is much less touristy than the eastern part, the climate is more pleasant, because it is drier, the landscape is more spacious and there are places where you think you are in paradise.

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Suitcase, backpack or travel bag: Which kind of luggage is best for the campervan

The flights and the campervan are booked, the anticipation is enormous, the tension rises – now it’s time to pack.

If you are like us, you’ll think over and over again each time what you should take with you and which piece of luggage is best for storing your clothes and utensils, and especially for stowing away in the campervan.

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